How to install and configure Conky in Ubuntu.

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. Conky is licensed under the GPL and runs on Linux and BSD. I'm a great fan of Conky and if I don't have a Conky on my desktop all the time I feel like something is lost. Conky adds all necessary information on your desktop, but if that information can be represented in a eye-catching way that will be like icing on the cake. Today I'm going to explain the method to install and configure Conky in Ubuntu Linux in few steps.

Step 1: Open Terminal and type:
sudo apt-get-install conky
Enter password and the Conky will be installed by itself.

Step 2: To test run if Conky is installed correctly or not. Type in terminal:
This will start the default Conky on your desktop. If not then try re-installing.

Step 3: Now as you can see that the default Conky is not very eye-catching. So it's time to choose a perfect theme for your Conky. Try THIS link to choose from some best Conky configurations. After choosing a proper theme you will find a file naming "conkyrc" (name may differ cause you can use any name  for the file but inner structure of all files is same so don't worry). If that file is in any compressed file try to extract it on desktop. After extracting it open terminal on desktop and type this in terminal:
conky -c conkyrc
NOTE: At the place of conkyrc in above code you can enter whatever is name of the file.
 Now if new Conky working fine this way then you are good to go.

Step 4: Starting Conky through terminal every-time is not a very good idea. I mean It will be better if your Conky gets started automatically after every start-up. To do this you need to create a bash script file. First take the extracted conky file or files and move them to your user directory then rename them and prefix a "." symbol to every file. This will make files hidden in your user directory.Now Open gedit or any other text editor. And then enter following in editor:
sleep 10
conky -c ~/.conkyrc1 &
sleep 5
conky -c ~/.conkyrc2
exit 0
Here conkyrc1 and conkyrc are the name of your conky files. If you don't have more than one conky file then remove 4th and 5th lines. To add more files try to follow the same method as above. After editing file save it with the name
Now open menu and go to Preferences>>Startup Applications and click Add. And enter details as shown in the figure below.

That's it we're done now your Conky will be started by itself every time you start your computer.
Note: If you need any help related to this tutorial or you've got any problem during this process please comment. I am here to help. Enjoy! 

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